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Domestic production of steel floor of the well-known enterprises
  • Raised access floor in all steel Raised access floor in all

    full steel, tile could be HPL or PVC/ceramics(gran

  • (Trunking) oa network floor in all steel (Trunking) oa network floor

    full steel, independent four corners support struc

  • Wood core raised floor Wood core raised floor

    advanced technology, imported high quality chipboa

  • Calcium sulphate raised access floor Calcium sulphate raised acc

    imported calcium sulphate, HPL or PVC ceramic (gra

  • Anti-static cermic-surface full-steel raised floor Anti-static cermic-surface

    The anti-static ceramic-surface full-steel raised ...

  • Overlaid with "F" edge trim and rimless floor Overlaid with "F"...

    The Reformative Raised Floor based on Traditional

  • Air flow raised access floor Air flow raised access floo

    full steel, HPL or PVC punched tile, surface punch

  • Other related product and devices Other related product and d

    Suitable for computer rooms, clean rooms, PBX room

  • Other related product and devices Other related product and d

    PVC floor use plastic particles formed at the inte...


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Focus steel access floor one-stop service

Changzhou Wujing Area Henglin Kaifute Room Equipment Plant is situated in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, where the rural industry is very developed. With Huning Expressway in the north, Yanjiang Expressway in the south, Shanghai City in the East, it is easy of access. For years, we have developed into domestic famous all-steel raised floor manufacturer based on high quality products, favorable reputation and strict enterprise management.The main product of the company is all-steel raised floor which is produced strictly in compliance with SJ/T10796-2001. We are market oriented, and we are constantly improving the quality of our products and updating the technology of production line so as to reduce cost, increase efficiency and occupy and leading position in the market competition.

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Professional team with research and development of new products, product quality assurance

Our main products steel access floor. Products strictly in accordance with SJ / T10796-2001 standard production, our market-oriented, constantly optimize existing products, updates on the production line technological transformation, and strive to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and strive to take advantage of competition in the market.

European Air brand assurance, radiation overseas business

The company vigorously develop the domestic and overseas sales, and to take a variety of flexible and effective marketing tool to show clients a good image of European Airlines, product focus of several successful domestic decoration works

Kaifute word of mouth, full of honor, the quality of trust

Awarded the quality management system certification, quality management system in line with ISO9001: 2008 standard, the scope of certification: anti-static floor steel production and service activities

Anti-static flooring products won the quality certificate of inspection

Anti-static floor, OA floor and related products sales won accreditation certificate

Anti-static steel floor won the China Anti-static equipment production qualification certificate

Anti-static systems engineering design and construction of China won the anti-static equipment engineering construction qualification certificate

Professional construction team, a sound service system to meet customer needs

Spanning the new century European Air static floor Ltd. will continue to develop and manufacture first-class products, to attract and cultivate first-class talent, and has a perfect first-class service, the establishment and development of first-class image, meet the new era, new challenges. Over the years, Kay Foote room with its tough product quality, good business reputation, the strict enterprise management, the rapid development of the domestic production of steel floor-known enterprises.

European Air static floor, electrostatic floor leader
Good floor, Kaifute made
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  Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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